Are you struggling to find answers for your weight, body pain, fatigue and gut issues?
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Nutritional Therapy

Yes! You can shed extra pounds and have endless energy again!

I've walked your path...

Hi, i'm Brandi Loyd, NTP,
Trained and Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

I've been an active and healthy strength professional for most of my life, until Adrenal Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, horrible fatigue and food allergies changed my path. I no longer live a life of pain and complete exhaustion by 3 pm. I am filled with boundless energy and a passion for helping others achieve what I have done. I have RESTORED my health with Nutritional Therapy, exercise and CBD! Healing my gut, improving my digestion, balancing my blood sugar and reducing inflammation was key to my success!

And so can you!

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"37 lbs down and a complete turn around from Pre-diabetes!" -Ann Berg
Sonora, Ca

Freedom from pain is empowering

75 and Thriving!

"I have more energy, I'm not bloated anymore and my arthritis is so much better since starting with Brandi"-
Zandra Bietz, Sonora Ca

I am sleeping all night again!

I am able to wind down for the night, sleep straight through and wake up refreshed and not groggy. No more afternoon crashes either! I have amazing energy! - LeeAnn Brown Tuolumne City,Ca

Life with Celiac

Meet Destiny Archer, wife, mother and full time worker.
Destiny first came to me right after her diagnosis of Celiac. Her doctors had given her very little information about what to expect and how to live with an Autoimmune disease. But after participating in the Restore program, she not only is living well with Celiac, but her blood sugar is finally balanced and and her body feels great! Her greatest accomplishment is that with her new found knowledge in nutrition she is able to provide healthy meals and an active lifestyle with her kids and husband.