Picking the right program is easy!

Here is a brief overview of my amazing programs. Simply decided which works best for your situation, personality and success then hit the button to email me. Depending on your choice, I may want to call you for a free consultation for the One-on-Ones to get more information or for small groups, to let you know when the next class begins. 

One on One

  • I meet you right where you are.
  • Live in person or by webcam
  • In depth intake including Symptom and Burden Quiz
  • Bio-individual healing plan
  • Targeted Supplementation if appropriate
  • Single Appointments available
  • 6, 60 min sessions healing plan

Small Group

  • Join a Live in person or Online small group
  • Both Restart® and Restore® are 5 week programs 
  • Each class is 90 min long.
  • Restart® is a great first step. We focus on transitioning to whole foods and include a 21 day sugar detox! Learn about digestion, gut health, blood sugar, and more!
  • Restore® is my signature autoimmune and hormone healing program. Heal your gut, detox, balance your hormones and thyroid and get a start on reversing your autoimmune dysfunction or disease. 
  • Targeted supplementation and eating plans are included. 

The Solo Path

  • For those of you that enjoy working on your own, this is the programs for you!
  • Each week a new course module will be opened up to you online in your classroom portal. 
  • Weekly short videos or podcasts, and personal emails from me. 
  • Symptom and burden Quiz, and sleep study
  • 21 day clean eating plan that leans towards low carb and Paleo. AIP or Keto can be requested. 
  • Targeted supplementation if necessary.