The term: Chronic Inflammation is everywhere these days, but what do you really know about it?


Chronic inflammation of the body is basically a circumstance, a state of being that a body is in that is a constant, continuous struggle to ward off a threat. A threat that is stopping the body from achieving Homeostasis or balance. Basically, it’s almost impossible to clean the house as it’s piling up with garbage.

Chronic is in the medical community’s word for anything that lasts for at least 6 weeks.


Palmer Kippola put together a partial list of inflammatory root causes that I will be sharing from her book, Beat Autoimmune. (Click the link on Palmer’s name if you are interested in hearing about her diagnosis of MS at the age of 19, in 1984 and how finally in 2010 she was able to reverse her disease. Yes, she no longer has MS.) I love reading stories of triumph like hers. She teaches and shares the very same principles of healing and restoration that I not only have used in my own health but how I help others.

Let’s go over that list, some of these may surprise you.

  • Acute or chronic stress
  • Antibiotics, antacids, and prescription meds
  • Birth control pills
  • Chemotherapy and radiation
  • Concussion
  • Excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption
  • Excessive EMF exposure (electromagnetic frequencies)
  • GMO’s
  • Heavy metals
  • Infections
  • Oxidative stress
  • Pain relievers
  • Poor sleep
  • Smoking
  • Soda (both diet and regular)
  • SAD foods: sugar, artificial sweeteners, gluten, dairy, grains, processed oils)
  • Toxins: pesticides, herbicides (glyphosate), bacterial by-products (endotoxins), fungal toxins (mycotoxins like mold, that includes mold found on coffee beans and peanuts)
  • Unresolved emotional trauma

Testimonials like Palmer’s are shining examples of hope. I myself have been in the pit, but certainly not for as long as Palmer. As I look at this list, which isn’t even the total list, I see so much of my own life. What isn’t on that list are all little yellow flags.

I was born via C-section. As a toddler, I had a horrible case of bronchitis that nearly ended me. I had allergies year round, in the 6th grade I had stomach ulcers, I always felt stressed out and had an intense desire to always be the best, and I often was. I had eczema, and digestive issues all my life. Never really diarrhea, but stomach aches and bloating with constipation was usual. I have had body pain my whole life. When I was a child, even though I was always very small, I had “growing pains.” I also had exercised induced asthma. I always thought I was a healthy kid!

Like most children in the 70’s and 80’s we ate a lot of grains. My mom was a health nut and so we had the “stir your own” peanut butter and whole wheat bread. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia as a child and low blood sugar, eating every 2 hours, was a way of life. This was normal for us, all of us.

My mom suffered from terrible anxiety and what we now know was an autoimmune crisis. Back then she was firmly told by several doctors that it was “all in her head.” Frankly, that’s what we ALL thought.

We didn’t drink sodas very often, and not a lot of fast or processed foods. But we were a family of athletes, traveling athletes and life was spent on the road. I watched my parent’s marriage and our family fall apart in junior high and by high school, it was over. Split right down the middle. Life was extremely stressful.


Why do I tell you this? Because many of us share these same stories from childhood. Stress and pain were normal for me. I didn’t think much about it. But year after year, even when my life as an adult was good, I still struggled with massive stress.


I married a cop who worked crazy hours and lots of them. We had two sons and lost a child, had another son and then lost the 4 th child late in pregnancy. I opened up my own gym, our oldest left for Afghanistan, and I wasn’t stressed, I was managing… I had a strong spiritual life, a wonderful marriage, a growing business and two other boys keeping me busy with their own active lives.

But I was tired every day at lunch. I mean TIRED! Slurred speech!

I experienced vertigo, my hair was falling out, I had daily horrible stomach pains, my body hurt worse than ever, massive headaches and, and, and… I seemed to have a reasonable excuse for each of these things. But I continued to train, I loved it! I felt in control.

But my body could only take so much, so it quit.


Boy, when that happens, your whole life changes. My nutritional training up until that point was rather basic. It was good, but I certainly didn’t specialize in autoimmune issues!

So after many disappointing doctor visits and feeling like we were just chasing a diagnosis, I decided to go back to school and specialize. My own healing and restoration were born out of my own need. I am so passionate and driven to help others accomplish wellness I am in constant “work mode.”


My hubby keeps tabs to make sure that girl that strives ALL the time, remembers to rest.


My advice for you dear friend, take stock, take note and do the hard work of really looking at your life and the generation before you. It turns out that both my parents and my grandparents had autoimmune issues! Go figure.

Now that we know that genetics don’t have to be those proverbial nails in your coffin, we can make changes in our lifestyle and avoid the consequences of previous generations.


This is especially good news for two of our 3 sons who are adults, have autoimmune problems but are taking steps towards their own healing as well as implementing the right tools so their sons stay clear of autoimmune disease.

Genes don’t have to be triggered. They can easily lay dormant.

NIH (National Insitute of health) estimates up to 23.5 million Americans* have an AD. In comparison, cancer affects up to 9 million and heart disease up to 22 million.


The longer you wait, the more it snowballs. Don’t wait my friend.

One Thing: Remove processed foods from your diet.

Just this one step can make a world of difference. I wasn’t a big processed food eater. I was a clean eater. But my big dog? Stress. That is why the first step in my Restart® and my Restore® programs deal with stress management and reduction.

Did you know that disability due to depression is the number one claim?

Here’s to health!







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