When I walk through a health food store I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with the selection and assortment of vitamins and  minerals and I know what I am looking and WHY I am looking!

I can’t imagine how the average person without any specialized or formal training in nutrients must feel.

In my little town we have a wonderful health food store, they are extremely knowledgeable about their products. But targeted nutrient strategy is tricky. If have have say joint pain, there are MANY reason why could be having pain and many ways to approach relief based on finding out the root cause of the pain. This simply cannot be done in a 5 min conversation in an aisle with a complete stranger who knows nothing about you short of what you share in those 5 min.

When I first meet with a new client we do a lot of talking about their history, their current struggles and what they truly want for themselves in life and in health. This usually entails going over the list of vitamins and minerals they are using as well as prescription medications both past use and present. The bottles are usually half empty. They try them for a week, maybe longer, they don’t see any lasting changes and then put them in the cabinet with all the other failed attempts.

I also conduct a deep nutrition questionnaire, one on life style and family history, the other all addressing symptoms, burdens on the body as well as function. Lastly, if they are local, I perform a Functional Evaluation to get an even better picture. This alone takes an hour and a half!

Using supplements to support the body and fill gaps while the body is healing and rebalancing is crucial to my RESTORE program. It certainly speeds up the process.

1. When considering supplements always consider the source and the quality. Most likely Costco, GNC and the grocery store will have the lowest quality. You health food stores will be a better source. Of course there are many quality options online as well.

2. Know what the supplement DOES for your body. How does it work? What interferes with it’s effectiveness? Is it best taken with food or between meals? How long should you commit to trying it?

3. Do you know what the signs are for digestive or allergic reactions compared to a healing response? If the supplement makes you no different is is NOT working?

It can take up to 2 years to re-mineralize the body depending on how depleted you are in that mineral.

4. Minerals do not work alone. They have synergistic (working together) relationships with other minerals as well as antagonistic (opposing) relationships as well.

If you worry about osteoporosis and just start taking a bunch of calcium, how are you addressing your potassium to calcium balance. They MUST be in balance in order to work properly at the cellular level…

My suggestion is don’t just randomly take a bunch of supplements. Most people have horrible digestive function and end up peeing out the supplements!

Work with a professional, fix your gut, and have lab testing on certain minerals like D and iron for example.

5. Have a strategy and observe limits and drug interactions.

Minerals and nutriceuticals are very powerful and can be very dangerous. Do you know the Upper limits for the nutrients you are taking? Could you be taking toxic amounts of them? What about drug interactions? Cholesterol meds, thyroid, allergy shots, birth control, hormone replacement, insulin.. will your new supplements be an issue and change how your medications work?

All good things to consider.

Be well,


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