The Path To Restoration is different for everyone.

Restore® is a behavior AND Lifestyle Program

Restore® stands for:

Rest-Eat-Sleep-Tribe-Open Up-Repair-exercise

In order to fully heal your body and live at your genetic potential, your lifestyle must be balanced with these key players of health. Focusing on just one or a few of these behavior and lifestyle categories will only yield temporary results at best. 

My own health took a fall because I had one, just one key player overriding all my other efforts, stress. 

Remember the saying:

Stop, look and listen?

Week 1: Rest and Eat

Clean Up and Clean out, introduction to your 3 week Metabolic Balance plan,  Food and Mood Journal, and completion of the Nutri-Q in-depth health assessment. 

Week 2: Sleep

We discuss stress and it’s consequences on our sleep, digestion, ability to detox and fight off illness. Your Nutri-Q results are returned to you for evaluation, the eating plan begins as well as a Sleep, Stress and Movement journal for later review. 

Week 3: Tribe and Open Up

We discuss the value and importance of community, anxiety, depression and the Gut-Brain Axis. We also get some answers regarding CBD for wellness, EFT and meditation.

Week 4: Repair

What to expect from proper gut function and looking at the evidence of modern day consequences, digestive healing protocols, probiotics, food allergies and sensitivities.

Week 5: Exercise

This final week we discuss the importance of exercise, especially the right kind of exercise based on your health status and finally what to do next.