Excellent! Inspiring! Eye Opening! Life Changing!

These are some of the words that RESTART® participants have used to describe their experiences with this program. The RESTART® Program is a five week class led by me, Brandi Loyd. I am a qualified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. It combines the simple elements of an up-to-date nutrition education, a guided 3-week sugar detox (aka Real Food Challenge), with small group support into a powerful way to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle. It’s truly an empowering combination!

  • 5 week online class including a 
3 week sugar detox built in

  • A powerful and empowering experience where you will make new friends
    A long-term strategy to make good nutritional choices

  • A small class of 6-10 participants

  • Tremendous support from your instructor and peers

  • Enjoy Real Food!


Elva G.

RESTART® Participant

“You have motivated and taught me how easy it is to make better choices and give me control of my well-being. The best part is that I feel great, I sleep well and wake up feeling good! Thank you, RESTART®