Can you reclaim your hormonal health post-birth control?


Yes! Yes! Yes! The way is not always easy, but there is a way. I have helped women who are struggling with the symptoms of what is now recognized as Post Birth Control Syndrome.

Birth control was invented as a way to prevent pregnancy. It does this by using synthetic hormones that mimic our own hormones.  In a normal cycle of 28 days we bleed, our estrogen level rises until we ovulate, then our estrogen levels lower. If the egg is not fertilized, progesterone rises for around 14 days to stimulate the shedding of our uterine lining once again causing a bleed and removal of the un-used egg. Then progesterone lowers. The cycle continues. Like a little estrogen-progesterone teeter-totter.

It is an amazing and beautiful process that we learn about in the 6th grade and never talk about again until we want to avoid or have a pregnancy. Unfortunately, most young women turn to birth control and synthetic hormones without understanding the risk. I myself was on birth control in high school, like most girls. However, I have Factor Five Leiden, a blood clotting disorder and I should never have been on birth control. I am so lucky to have never suffered a stroke! I was only on BC for a few years thankfully.

Did you know that any use of synthetic hormones increases your chances of later developing an autoimmune DISEASE by 800%?!

Since the birth control movement, we have seen an incredible rise in female-related cancers as well as presciptions for insulin resistance, antidepressants, sleep aids, and statins!  We have also only just recently started to look to birth control as a cause for many seemly unrelated health symptoms or burdens such as insomnia, insulin resistance, anxiety, depression, hair loss, muscle wasting, leaky gut and more…

When we go to the doctor they simply say that our complaints are “normal.” How many times have you sat in a doctor’s office and felt unheard or not understood or even dismissed? These symptoms you are experiencing are real my friend. It’s not all in your head!

Science is finally connecting the dots!


I have client after client who is dealing with the effects of birth control at the ages of 35 to 65! YES! 60-year-old women who are on birth control to “control their hormones.”

It doesn’t work. It’s a band-aid! The reason or root cause of their hot flashes, heavy bleeding, insomnia, night sweats, migraines, headaches, anxiety, depression and stubborn weight gain lies deeper than just sex hormones. That’s why BC may lessen these symptoms but they never go away.

Most women start out with BC and within 2 years they are on 5 additional prescriptions.

Did you know that heavy bleeding is often the result of estrogen dominance?


What about unwanted hairs on your chin, chest or abdomen? Testosterone dominance. Too much or too little estrogen, progesterone or testosterone and of course cortisol and thyroid hormones are bad news.

Our hormones are part of our Endocrine system which is a very complex system that includes over 100 different hormones. The Endocrine system works closely with other systems in our bodies such as our blood-sugar-regulating and fat and protein metabolism in the Digestive system. Don’t forget about important organs such as your liver and kidneys! Your liver is in charge of repackaging those hormones once they are used or in excess and then shipping them out of the body through your lymph and kidneys! An overtaxed liver, not enough water in the diet or struggling kidneys and you now have hormones being STORED in places like… belly fat! That fat belly is constantly leaking out hormones!


To have a properly functioning Endocrine system a few things must be in place or you will never feel the way you want to feel:


You must be able to properly break down and utilize proteins and fats and your blood sugar must be balanced as well as healthy adrenal function. As I previously stated, your liver and kidneys better be up to the job too!

Fats breakdown into Fatty acids. Fatty acids are a necessary ingredient to MAKE hormones, all hormones. Hormones are like chemical messengers that tell the body to DO something. Estrogen tells the ovaries to ovulate. Melatonin tells the body to sleep. Cortisol tells the body to wake up in the morning. Yes, there are good things that cortisol does for us. 🙂

Thyroid hormone production specifically requires amino acids which are found in protein. If your body isn’t consuming enough quality protein or it can’t break it down, then your thyroid hormone production of T3 will be lacking. Most women aren’t eating enough protein, and if they are they don’t have proper stomach acid to break it down… I won’t even bring up the lack of Iodide atoms in most diets. Also a necessary ingredient for thyroid hormone production.

Did you know that thyroid hormones set our internal body clock, and it also regulates our body temperature among many other important jobs? Also, women who have low thyroid hormones often struggle with sleep.

What about blood sugar and hormones? Blood sugar regulation works hand in hand with your adrenals. Whenever your blood sugar gets too low, your adrenals are stimulated (hormonally) and cortisol and other forms of adrenaline are released to keep you going. This is a wonderful process that keeps us alive!

However, poor diets lead to the abuse of this system. Adrenals become overused and there is often too much cortisol in our system.  Elevated cortisol levels directly affect our estrogen! How? It creates a scenario of estrogen dominance!

Yikes! Now our estrogen: progesterone ratio is OFF!

What do we have now? Those heavy bleeds I was talking about for one thing! Breast tenderness, anxiety, sleep issues, we can’t take weight off…

Do you see the cycle picture now?

So tell me, why then does the doctor give us estrogen to help us out? Or progesterone? I often hear, “but it’s a really low dose.” FYI, it’s not helping. It’s hurting our health instead.

Just because it’s only a little of something doesn’t make it good or ok. How does a nice Goat Head feel in your shoe? It’s little right? Is it affecting anything else? YOU BET it is!

Why don’t our doctors ask us about our diet? 

Because your OB/GYN is a Reductionist. This means that Western medicine’s philosophy is that we are the SUM of our parts. If a PART is broken, you fix the part.  No concern about how that fix may affect the other parts…those are mere “side effects.”

The holistic approach is understanding and treating the body as a WHOLE. We believe that everything works together.

This is how I help my clients RECLAIM their hormone health. 


We start at the root and work out. We look to the diet, digestion, absorption, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid balance, vitamin and mineral status, and hydration.

Because we work honoring the design and function of the WHOLE body, we not only get relief but we get lasting restoration. We don’t offer band-aids in Nutritional Therapy, we offer the chance of healing, true healing.

I offer hope.


If you are looking to finally put an end to your hormone misery, then start with your diet.

I have in place excellent programs to meet not only your own health goals but also your personality and financial abilities.

My Restart® program is a small group experience either live in person or online. It is 5 weeks long and is a Foundational program that gets you eating the right foods, improves your digestion and resets your blood sugar balance.

My Restore® program starts out just like Restart® but dives deeper into Gut Healing, autoimmune dysfunction and other serious health situations which often include hormone resolution, and reversal of serious conditions such as Diabetes!  Restore® utilizes special enzymes, herbal supplements, probiotics, and targeted vitamins and minerals to speed up the recalibrating and healing process. Restore® is offered both on a private, one on one level and occasionally in a small group format. The private sessions take 12 weeks, and the small group moves a bit faster and is a 6-week program both online and live in person.

And then we have Reclaim®Reclaim is a powerful hormone focused program. Reclaim® also includes the use of enzymes, herbals remedies, probiotics, and targeted vitamins and minerals all aimed at hormonal rebalance. For anyone who is coming off of BC you can expect up to 9 months before your cycle is regular again. Most women feel the effects of the change in the first 2-3 months. I must say, it is very rewarding from my standpoint. Hormone dysfunction is very emotional. When working one on one it is a 12-week program and in a small group, we move much faster and cover the material and steps in 6 weeks. Both are available both live in-person and online.

Side note: Most women don’t experience the ill effects of coming off of BC until the 4-6 month mark post BC. So, If you are considering making a change, many women stay on BC, get the foundation laid and THEN move off BC and experience far fewer symptoms because their bodies are working to their genetic potential.

My final program is Revitalize®. This is a program for any season, but for the person who has their wellness already dialed in. They feel wonderful and are wanting to learn more about continued longevity. Especially brain and heart health as well as a preventative measure against cancer and potential genetic possibilities. This program works with and other tools. It’s a powerful program for people who have strong genetic factors in play and are looking to avoid disaster.  Epigenetics or lifestyle plays a massive role in whether or not we “turn on” or trigger certain genes. Revitalize® is about keeping those genes dormant. This program is offered both privately and in small groups. 

Reclaim® and Revitalize® aren’t offered in a small group as often as Restart® and Restore®. Primarily because so many people need to start at the beginning 🙂 I mostly work privately with these clients so they don’t have to wait for the next cycle of classes.  Please contact me and express your interest. You never know how big that waiting list is for a small group! You just might be that magic number I was waiting for to set a date!

Whatever you do, whether you work with me, someone else or one your own, start at the root.

See you on the Path,



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