Do you want to live a healthy life and make decisions that are controlled by your, discipline, obedience and willpower?

Or do you want to be re-wired and naturally live that life without much thought about it?

When clients first come to me for help, yes, they are living by will power and conscious choice, they need me and want me for accountability and direction. It is not uncommon for them to tell me how much they love or miss their version of “comfort foods.” The most common thing I hear is that “I just don’t really LIKE the foods that you want me to eat. I know they are GOOD for me, and that they help me HEAL, or lose weight, but those aren’t the foods I naturally WANT.”

This is where re-wiring occurs.

How would it feel to be the person at a social gathering that doesn’t feel guilt or shame or need to justify their food or drink choices?

What if you just naturally didn’t want the deep fried buffalo wings and bottled ranch dressing and a Bud Light? What if it wasn’t a healthy choice or accountability decision to pass on that appetizer, what if it just wasn’t what you wanted? What if you could be re-wired and desire different things? Healthy things.

You can. You can be re-wired.

You are actually meant to choose foods, people and environments that will keep you alive and allow you to thrive and for your species to continue.

Culture via modern food and industry has in a since over-ridden your hard-wired instincts. You’ve been hacked, you have been hijacked and frankly, you have even switched teams and have joined your hijacker. You have been re-wired.

You want what isn’t good for your survival.

It isn’t your fault. You aren’t weak or a failure. You are a consumer and you have been sold a lie. The biggest lie is that easy, convenient, hyper-palatable, hyper-sweet, hyper-salt, cheap foods make you feel good. You even find them “Comforting.” You have been sold even bigger lies in terms of needs and self-image.

This food lie is killing us as a people, as a species. This current generation that is in their 20’s is projected to be the first generation of recorded humans that will lead to a shorter life span than the previous generation.

Obesity and heart disease are both preventable and the leading causes of death in America.

Yet people feel helpless and victimized.

Metabolic disorders such as Diabetes is climbing at a frightening rate, so are dementia and neurological disorders such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons. Systemic and chronic diseases are on the rise. Our children are coming into the world with more and more problems even though our education and access in prenatal care have never been better. Autism and other disorders are common now.

Can we re-wire ourselves? Yes, we can. It starts with you.

One of my greatest joys is not only that I help others re-wire their own health and lives but to watch it affect their families, friends, and co-workers.

Nutritional Therapy in my practice with my clients takes a WHOLE person approach. To re-wire an old house, you can’t just change the fuse box, you must go into each room and replace the wire AND the connections. Every home is unique in size, location and function and so is everybody that I work with. Whether you are a performance athlete or a retired grandparent or anywhere in between, the re-wiring is necessary for lasting change and for freedom.

My Restore program focuses on:
Rest, Eat, Sleep, Tribe, Opening Up, Repair, Exercise, and environment.

To rewire it is necessary to be both educated and to respect your bio-individual needs. When you understand HOW a functional body works it helps troubleshoot your own body. What works today in this season of your life might not work in 10 years. Once you have the tools, and you know what you are looking for, you can make the changes before things get out of hand.

No matter what sign you are born under or to what God you pray, or what personality type you have, we all run out of will power and revert or settle into our hard-wired system for life.

If you have negative self-talk or limiting self-talk if you can’t identify where boundaries should be in your life if you don’t know when to say no if you don’t know what drives you or what gives you fulfillment, someone or something else will make those decisions for you. They will re-wire you.

Everyone has fears. Overcoming them requires facing them.

What do you want in life? What are you afraid of? What excuses do you tell yourself or give yourself for not living the life of your dreams? What do you hold onto that you should lay down or walk away from? Just because you have always done something doesn’t make it right.

Dreams aren’t about yachts and mansions and fast cars. Those are material examples of a feeling, a desire, a dream for some people.

Do you dream anymore? Do you dare? Most of us don’t dream anymore, we “grow up.”

In order to begin the re-wiring process, you need to have a dream. What do you want? Not what you think you deserve or think you can achieve, but what do you really want?

For most of my clients, when they really dial this down, they come to realize that it isn’t the 25 lb weight loss, although that would be great, they just want to feel FREE! They don’t want to have to worry about the weight, the food, the clothes, the comparisons, the insecurity… they want to be FREE!

So, the re-wiring begins there. A life of intention begins. Each day being mindful. Each day taking steps toward that dream of freedom.

At first, the intention is very focused and may not come naturally and new things will be tried and old ways will be let go. But as this process is walked out each day, progress in the re-wiring is made. What was very difficult in the beginning is now second nature. This pace at first which seemed very slowly begins to pick up speed as your body and your mind start to function the way they were meant to function.

Humans are very resilient, I see it every day. Our bodies WANT to function properly, they just need the right tools for the right body at the right time.

Re-wire. You were meant for good.


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