Choosing the right path is easier than you think.


You have two choices in the RESTORE program:

6 week Live Video Self Study or 1 to 1 private sessions


Let me ask you a a few questions:

  • How do you like to learn? On your own or with guidance?
  • Do you need accountability or are you pretty disciplined when it comes to doing something challenging?
  • Do you like a set time line? Do you feel comforted that you know how to budget your time and efforts or does a time line make you feel pressured or stressed when you think about due dates?
  • Are you good at self evaluation?
  • Do you like individual attention?

Let me take a little stress off of your decision making, you get to change your mind.

Most of my students that don’t live locally to me, attend the live or pre-recorded courses. No problemo! In fact, many locals ALSO participate in the online course! Some of them even schedule a private appointment in the midst of the course. It’s simple and easy! We go with the flow! You CAN have the best of both worlds! I see clients live in person or by live video.

However, some people just prefer straight out of the gate to see me 1 to 1. They want everything hand crafted all the way. That being the case, 1 to 1 clients usually participate in the

12 week RESTORE program.

We cover the same steps, we just address a lot of specific and personal issues and challenges along the way and we spread the program out for 12 weeks. Targeted supplementation and sometimes even lab work is called on and of course the dietary changes and lifestyle changes are personalized.


Both programs are exceptional and offer the promise of restoration! It’s just a matter of your own preference.






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